You can donate to any fund within the foundation by using the search bar below. For a list of all our funds, please select "show all funds list". If you have any problems locating a fund, or any general questions with regards to making a donation online, please contact us at 724-981-5882 or by email at

Donate To Fund

Fund Name
Aaron Memorial 4H Market Animal Fund, Paul
Adams Charitable Fund, Frances
Adrienne's Army Fund
Agriculture and Conservation Foundation of Trumbull County Environmental Impact Fund
Albright Charitable Fund, James C. and Florence W.
Alexander Charitable Fund, Sandra L.
Allen Children's Fund, John (Jack) T.
Allen Scholarship Fund, Lawrence B.
Almira Foundation
Anderson and Anderson Bus & Tour Scholarship Fund, Orville and Dorotha
Anderson Charitable Foundation
Anderson Memorial Foundation, David K.
Animal Welfare League Building Fund
Animal Welfare League Endowment Fund
Arc of Mercer County Foundation
Artman-Hermitage Education Fund, Betty Lou
Artman-Hermitage Education Fund - Edgar Groves Music Fund
Artman-Hermitage Education Fund - Gladys & Raymond Hilkirk Fund
Artman-Hermitage Education Fund - Moretti Memorial Soccer Fund
Artman-Hermitage Education Fund - Rev. William M. Brest Memorial Fund
Artman-Hermitage Education Fund - Robin C. Hertz Memorial Scholarship Fund
Artman-Hermitage Education Fund - The Eric Hunter Family Fund (Wombacker and Olsen Awards)
AWARE Foundation
Baker Charitable Fund, Marguerite (Peggy)
Baker-Piatek Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer Research, Kelly C.
Baker Scholarship Fund, Marguerite (Peggy)
Basilone Jr. Memorial Fund, William
Baughman Community Foundation,Emerson A., Agnes F.& David E.
Beacon of the Valley Foundation
Beaver County Collaborative Action Network Foundation
Beaver Valley Dental Society
Bellich Memorial Scholarship Fund, Chris
Ben Franklin Trust - Lawrence County
Ben Franklin Trust - Mercer County
Berry Wrestling Scholarship Fund, Mel
Betterment of the Valley Fund
Bill and Stella Perrine Foundation
Billingsley Memorial Fund, Jody Ray
Billingsley Memorial Scholarship Fund, Jody Ray
Blair Charitable Foundation, Stella
Bly Memorial Foundation, Kyle
Bocian Memorial Fund, April T.
Bocian Scholarship Fund, April
Boosel Memorial Fund, L. DeWitt
Bost Memorial Scholarship Fund, Raymond & Mildred
Boyle Memorial Scholarship Fund, Ann
Bresky Scholarship Fund, Emma DeNoble
Brockway Foundation, John & Emma
Brookfield Backpack Charitable Fund
Brookfield Fallen Firefighters Foundation
Bryan Memorial Scholarship Fund, Ashley Ann
Brysh Fund, Rebecca Jones
Buhl Farm Trust Arboretum Fund, F.H.
Buhl Trustees Investment Management Account
Burgess Scholarship Fund, Richard & Marjorie
Busch Charitable Foundation, Carl and Ella
Busch Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust, Ella V.
Bycroft Trust, John S.
Campbell Memorial Library Endowment Fund, F.D.
Carlson Scholarship Fund, Richard E.
Case Charitable Fund, Pauline I.
Case Memorial Scholarship Fund, Doug
Cashdollar Family Foundation
Cathedral Foundation
Chadderton Foundation, Paul D. & Eleanor M.
Chavara Memorial Scholarship Fund, Steven
Children's Aid Society Endowment Fund
Childs Charitable Foundation, Harvey and Uta
Clark Scholarship, Glenn & Goldie
Clelland Scholarship Fund, David H.
Clemenza Memorial Scholarship Fund, Drs. Carolyn & Mariann
Club Pet Adoption Inc. Endowment Fund
C & M Scholarship Fund
Cody's Assistance for Rescued Emergencies and Sanctuary (CARES) Fund
Colella Memorial Music Scholarship, Louis M.
Columbian Home Corporation of Masury Scholarship Fund
Committee for Children w/Special Needs Foundation
Community Counseling Center Endowment Fund
Community Development Outreach Fund
Community Food Warehouse Building Fund
Community Foundation Stock Transfer Fund
Community Library of the Shenango Valley Growth Fund
Community Recreation of Northern Mercer County Fund
Community Trust - Carpenter, Scott
Community Trust - Donaldson, Cassie
Community Trust - Hovanec, Brianna
Community Trust - Yakapovich, Diane
Compassionate Christian Couriers Fund
Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee Fund
Conway Scholarship Fund, John W. & Kathryn C.
Cooper Scholarship, Grady W & Helen L.
Craig Memorial Scholarship Fund, Hester A.
Cray Youth & Family Services Foundation
Crisci Family Scholarship Fund
Daffin Family Foundation
D'Alfonso Memorial Foundation, Michael
Daverio Endowment Fund, John Joseph
Dawson's Dream Fund
DeBonis Community Education Fund, Emedio J.
Deist Charitable Foundation, Donald & Edna
Deist Family Foundation
Deist Millennium Eagle Foundation
De Jesus Hernandez Rodriguez Charitable Fund, Jose
Dickson Family Charitable Fund
DiGiorgi Scholarship Fund, Dorothea & Louis
Dill Memorial Fund, W. Allen
Do Good. Period. Charitable Fund
Domitrovich Memorial Fund, Edward
Donaldson Charitable Fund, Mary & Lindsay
Drespling & Susan D. Duddy Charitable Fund, John L.
Dr. Moonda Memorial Education Fund
Drop in the Bucket Foundation
Dufford Foundation, John "Jack"
Dunbar Memorial Fund
Eagan Charitable Fund, Nellie
Eagle Foundation, Carol Ann
Earth Angel Farm Foundation
Eastern Ohio Air Show Fund
eCenter@LindenPointe Endowment Fund
ECHO Charitable Foundation
Eckles Architecture Fund
Eirich Jr. Educational Scholarship Fund, Carl R.
EITC - Education Administrative Fund
EITC - Educational Improvement Program
EITC - Opportunity Scholarship
EITC - Pre-K Program
EITC - Scholarship Program
Elder Family Ag & Turf Scholarship Fund
Elliott Charitable Fund, John and Nancy
Emminger Charitable Foundation, Mary
Energy Legacy Organization Fund
Erdice Foundation, Stephanie
Evans Charitable Fund, Henry G. & Catherine M.
Evans Endowment Fund, Catherine M.
Evans Foundation, Frank and Linda
Events - Brookfield Fallen Firefighters
Events - Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee Fund
Events - ECHO Charitable Foundation
Events - General Administration
Events - GK Care Foundation
Events - Greenville Area Community Theatre (GACT) Foundation
Events - Izzies Gifts of Hope Foundation
Events - Mercer Area Boomtown Fund
Events - Mercer County Coalition for Drug Awareness
Events - Mercer Memorial Day 500 Fund
Events - Ross Griffin Memorial Foundation
Events - Shenango Community Education Foundation
Events - Strimbu Memorial Fund - SVF
Events - Superbrew Fund
Events - Treystock Fund
Events - Waterfire
Fait Memorial Fund, John S.
Fallowfield Lodge #1128 Education Fund
Family & Consumer Sciences Advisory Committee of Penn State Extension in Mercer County
Farmers Charitable Fund
Farrand Memorial Fund, Jeremy
Farrell Area School District Foundation
Farrell Backpack Program
Fehrs Charitable Fund, Scott and Amy
FG Charitable Foundation
First Slovak Workingmen's Charitable Fund
Firth Charitable Fund, M. Elaine
Fisherman's Fund
Fisher Memorial Fund, M.
Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship Fund, Patrick
Flamberg Fund, Betty Molnar
Flexospan Foundation
Flint Scholarship Fund, Marvel E.
Flynn Scholarship Fund, Roger
FNB Community Foundation
FNB Corporation Fund
Foltz Memorial Fund, Teddy
Ford Foundation
Franklin Foundation, Margaret
Freedom Warrior Charitable Fund
Frellsen Scholarship Fund
Fridley Memorial Fund, John S.
Furey Memorial Scholarship Fund, Leah
Gardner Family Foundation
Gardner Foundation
GASD - Greenville Academic Boosters Fund
GASD - Kristal Johnson Chappell Scholarship Fund
GASD - P.J. Miller Theater Award Fund
GASD - Ralph "Spike" Cooper Scholarship Fund
GASD - Rowley Public Speaking Award
GASD - Wesley Hodge Scholarship Fund
Gateway Jamestown Foundation
Gay Memorial Scholarship Fund, Bob
GCF - Beatty B. Williams Library Fund
GCF - Cooper Bessemer Scholarship Fund (Eagan)
GCF - Grove City YMCA Fund
GCF - Jane Capron Promotion of Arts Fund
GCF - John & Samantha Glenn Scholarship Fund
GCF - Mary A. Baker Memorial Fund
GCF - Ruth E. Ketler Memorial Scholarship Fund
GCF - Weir and Ellen Ketler Library Fund
General Administration
Gerber Legacy Fund, Thomas - Potentia Legacy
Gerhard Memorial Library Fund
Gettings Memorial Foundation, Albert
Gibson Scholarship Fund, T. C.
Gilliland Scholarship Fund, Dale
Gill Memorial Scholarship Fund, Evan
GK Care Foundation
Glamorous Gutless Girls Fund
Glenn Memorial Fund, Rick
Goldstone Memorial Fund, Arthur S.
Goodrick Family Foundation
Good Shepherd Center Endowment Fund
Graceland Cemetery Merchandise Trust
Graceland Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund
Greater New Castle Community Beautification Fund
Greater Pennsylvania Super Kids Foundation
Greater Sharon Associates Foundation
Greenberger Charitable Fund, Edward W.
Greenville Area Community Theatre (GACT) Foundation
Greenville Area Historical Society Endowment Fund
Greenville Area Public Library Baughman Endowment Fund
Greenville Kiwanis Club Foundation
Greenville Library, Friends of the
Greenville Little League Memorial Fund
Greenville Rotary - Jack Brown Scholarship Fund
Greenville VFW Scholarship Fund
Grgurich Scholarship Fund, Brian Daniel
Griffin Memorial Foundation Endowment, Ross
Griffin Memorial Foundation, Ross
Grimenstein Memorial Scholarship Fund, Joyce I.
Grove City Area Historical Society Arthur Armour Fund
Grove City Area Historical Society Endowment Fund
Grove City Area Historical Society Executive Director Fund
Grove City Cares Foundation
Grove City Foundation - Unrestricted Fund
Grove City United Way Foundation
Gurgovits Family Foundation
Gustavus Volunteer Fire Association Charitable Fund
Hamilton Charitable Foundation, Charles & Norma
Hardesty Scholarship Fund, Michael R.
Harmon Scholarship Fund, Jane Price
Harris Scholarship Fund, Walter J. & Ruth Morton
Haun Memorial Fund, Brenda Rae
Hawke-Petit Memorial Fund, Jennifer
Haws Memorial Scholarship Fund, Dale Edward
Headings Richards Foundation
Help Hotline Crisis Center/Marinelli Endowment Fund
Herald Good News Fund
Hermitage K-9 Fund
Hermitage Rotary Foundation
Herrick-Hodge Charitable Fund
Hershberger Friendship Scholarship, Christopher
Hetrick Memorial Scholarship Fund
Hewitt Family Scholarship
Hickory High School Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund
Hirschmann Foundation, Erika
Historic Quaker Bridge Foundation
Hockenberger Foundation of Tennessee Fund
Hodge Family Fund, Gerald & Judy
Holm Memorial Scholarship Fund, Lynda
Holy Cross Orthodox Church Endowment Fund - Family Trust
Holy Cross Orthodox Church Endowment Fund - Ladies' Aid Trust
Holy Cross Orthodox Church Endowment Fund - Moga Trust
Holy Cross Orthodox Church Endowment Fund - Schenk Educational Trust
Home Sponsorship Fund
Hripko Family Charitable Fund
Huff Charitable Fund, Tom G. and Mary Ann
Human Services Center Endowment Fund
Ilgenfritz Estate Fund, Melvina
Infante/Holiga Memorial Charitable Fund
Interstate Chemical Company Foundation
Izzie's Gifts of Hope Foundation
Jablonski Scholarship Fund, Jeff
Jack Butz Humanitarian Scholarship Endowment Fund
Jack Butz Humanitarian Scholarship Fund
Jackson Field & Stream Club Foundation
Jackson Scholarship Fund for Benefit of Greenville
Jackson Scholarship Fund for Benefit of Reynolds
Jameson Shenango Alumni Association Fund/Nursing Scholarship
Jamestown Area School District Foundation
Jamestown Coating Technologies Foundation
Jamestown - Don Greggs Scholarship Fund
Jamestown - Merle Higgins Award Fund
Jarrett Scholarship Fund, John David
Jones Charitable Foundation
Jones Library at Hickory High School Fund
Joshua's Haven Endowment Fund
Joy Cone Company Foundation
JP/5S Family Foundation
Kachulis Family Foundation
Kearney Charitable Foundation, Philip F. and Phillis M
Kelso Charitable Foundation, J. Richard and Elaine G.
Kelso Charitable Foundation, Millie I.
Kennard Presbyterian Church Charities Fund
Kennedy Memorial Fund, Danielle Lee
Kerins Family Foundation
Kerins Golf Scholarship, Jack
Kerns Memorial Scholarship Fund, Sherri Rae
Keystone Continuing Education Scholarship Fund
Kilar Fabrication Scholarship Fund
Kilar Foundation
Kildoo Lodge of the Craft Westminster Scholarship Fund, Lloyd L.
Kindness Kampaign Foundation
Kinsman Comm Club Charitable Fund
Kinsman Comm Club Scholarship Fund
Kirila Family Fund
Kirsch Scholarship for Women, Norma Jean
Klafters Foundation
Kley Scholarship Fund, Hilary T.
Knecht Scholarship Fund, Bill
Koborie Music Scholarship Fund, Rebecca Lee
Kommunity 4 Kids Fund
Kozminski Memorial Scholarship Fund, Whendy M.
Kralevich Memorial Fund, Robin Leigh
Krivosh Foundation, Paul Alan
Kuhn Foundation, William and Eleanor
Kull Scholarship Fund, Ken
Kulusich-Buzzeo Music Education Scholarship Fund
Kurtanich Memorial Scholarship Fund, David G.
Lakeview Alumni Scholarship Foundation
Lakeview Band Boosters Scholarship Fund
Landis Charitable Foundation, Mildred R. & Bruce A.
Landman Memorial Fund, Kate
Lapikas Memorial Fund, Danny
Lark Enterprises Endowment Fund
Lauer Memorial Fund, Timothy
Laurel Community Foundation
Lawrence Community Foundation Endowment Fund
Lawrence Community Foundation/Grants Fund
Lawrence County 4-H Foundation
Lawrence County Autism Warriors
Lawrence County Cooperative Extension Endowment Fund
Lawrence County Dental Society
Lawrence County Fire Training Foundation
Layups for Lucy Charitable Fund
LBP Ellwood City Head Start Backpack Fund
LBP Ellwood City School District Bread Basket Program
LBP Lawrence County Backpack Fund
LBP Mohawk Food Warriors Fund
LBP Neshannock Township School District Backpack Fund
LBP New Castle Bread Basket Fund
LBP Spartan Bread Basket Fund
LCCAP Backpack Program Fund
LCF - Filling in the Gaps Fund
Lebby Foundation, Marvin and Gerry
Leopard Partners Backpack Charitable Fund
Lewis Excellence-in-Education Scholarship, Scott W. & Beverly J.
Lewis Memorial Fund, Jacob
Liszka Memorial Fund, George & Zofia
Lodge of the Craft Westminster No. 433
Logan and Gustavus VFW Scholarship Foundation, Lew
Long Charitable Fund, Joseph C.
Longley Memorial Fund, Ty
Luikart Charitable Foundation, Walter W. & Laverne M.
Lydia's Love Moments Fund
Mahoning/Shenango Chapter AFP Fund
Mahoning Valley Miniature Bridge Building Competition Scholarship Fund
Makar Award Fund, Michael
Manna Farms Charitable Foundation
Mansel Memorial Scholarship Fund, Darcy Louise
Maple Lane Farm Charitable Foundation
Marchionda Family Foundation
Marti Park Foundation Fund
Marzano Memorial Scholarship Fund, Michael A.
McCann Charitable Foundation, Don and Addie
McClimans Family Foundation, Hugh P.
McCune Foundation, James E.
McDonald Community Chest
McDonald Historical Society
McDonald Lions Club Scholarship Fund
McDonald OH Lions Club Charitable Fund
McElhinny Adversity Scholarship Fund, Toni
McEwen Family Foundation
McMillen Memorial Scholarship, Jay and Kim
McTaggart Charitable Fund, William J.
Measel, Jr. Scholarship Fund, Gale E.
Meiss Jr. Fund, Ronald A.
Mercer Area Boomtown Fund
Mercer Area Chamber Fund, Friends of the
Mercer Area Library - Crawford Children's Book Fund
Mercer Area Library Endowment Fund
Mercer Co. 4H Foundation - Elizabeth A. Cooper Fellnagle Memorial Award Fund
Mercer County 4-H Foundation
Mercer County Coalition for Drug Awareness Fund
Mercer County Community Revitalization Fund
Mercer County Youth Bowling Foundation
Mercer Memorial Day 500 Fund
Mercurio Jr. Memorial Fund, Joseph John
Meszaros Family Charitable Foundation
Miller Charitable Fund, Forest & Lawrence
Miller Foundation, Zachariah R.
Miller Scholarship Fund, Zachariah R.
Mitchell Endowment Fund, Salvatore
Mohawk Community Education Foundation
Montgomery Memorial Scholarship Fund, Amy
Mooney Family Foundation, Randall & Anna Mary
Morgan Research Foundation, Kendyll Marie
Moyer Good Sportsmanship Memorial Scholarship, Karen
Munnell Run Farm Foundation
Munnell Scholarship Fund, Thomas
Murdock Memorial Foundation, Michael D.
Mustard Seed Missions of Mercer County
Namey Family Foundation
National Foundation for Blind Children
Nelson Scholarship Fund, Maxine V.
Neshannock Township Education Foundation Fund
New Castle Head Start Backpack Program Fund
New Castle Playhouse Endowment Fund
Nichols Charitable Fund, E. Lynn and Barbara A.
North Coast Peace Officer Training Foundation
Northern Mercer Foundation - Grants Fund
Northern Trumbull Foundation Community Grants Fund
Northern Trumbull Foundation Unrestricted Endowment Fund
NSPSF - American Association of Geodetic Surveyors Scholarship Fund
NSPSF - Bonnie S. Atwell Memorial Fund
NSPSF - Catharine K. "Cady" McDonnell Memorial Scholarship Fund
NSPSF - Disaster Relief Fund
NSPSF - Kris M. Kunze Memorial Scholarship Fund
NSPSF - Lowell H. and Dorothy Loving Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship Fund
NSPSF - Nettie Dracup Memorial Scholarship Fund
NSPSF - Nevada Association of Land Surveyors Scholarship Fund
NSPSF - Nevada Association of Land Surveyors Surveying Education Equipment Fund
NSPSF - New Jersey SPLSF
NSPSF - Slavoj (Dr. Ing. Desider E.) Scholarship
NSPSF - Trig-Star Fund
O'Brien Building Fund, Thomas M.
O'Brien Charitable Fund, Thomas M. & Diane K.
O'Brien Children Memorial Fund - SVF
O'Brien Children Memorial Fund - Trumbull
O'Brien Memorial Charitable Fund, John D.
O'Brien Scholarship Fund, Dr. A.M.
Oesterle Campus Ministry Fund at Slippery Rock University, Fr. John
Old Timers Day Charitable Fund
One Day At A Time Foundation
Open Community Connections
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Cemetery Fund
Packing Backpacks and Joy Fund
Palermo Education Foundation, Felix & Josephine
Palermo Foundation, John D.
Palisin Family Charitable Fund
Palumbo Memorial Scholarship Fund, Jeri
Patchwork Foundation
Patrick Memorial Fund, Mark Anthony
Patterson Memorial Scholarship, Rebecca Ann
Paul Environmental Education Scholarship Fund, Kathleen Lydia
Pears Memorial Scholarship, Beth
Pearson Family Foundation
Penn-Ohio Rehab Foundation
Penn Ohio Young Actors Playhouse Fund
Perelman Foundation
Peters Flower Fund
Phillips Family Foundation
Phi Theta Phi Charitable Foundation Endowment
Piatek Athletic Scholarship Fund, John J.
Pilgram Scholarship Fund, Warren & Helen
Pink Angels of Greenville
Pitzer Memorial Foundation, Brandon
Porada Foundation, Michael
Potential Development Endowment Fund
Preferred Sales, Inc. Foundation
Primary Health Network Foundation
Prime Time and Aftershock After School Programs Fund
Puntureri Foundation
Pyle Memorial Fund, Jason L.
Queale Memorial Fund, Helen Moran
Reames Family Foundation, Brian & Mary
Reel Memorial Scholarship, Ryland Robert
Regional Community Impact Fund
Regional Community Scholarship Fund
Regional "Pet" Projects Fund
Revis Island Foundation
Reynolds Backpack Program Fund
Reynolds High School Alumni Association Fund
Rey of Hope Fund
Rice Memorial Scholarship Fund, Rita
RI District 7280 Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)
Riverside Revitalization Fund
Robertson Family Charitable Fund
Robinson Scholarship Fund, Justin Hoffman
Rose/Harnett Family Foundation
Rose of Sharon Lodge 3 Fraternal Order of Police Charitable Fund
Rossi Memorial Fund, Clinton Lucas
Rowley Memorial Fund, Rosamond Kahle
Royer Cheerleading Scholarship Fund, Kenzie Evon
Rust Charitable Fund, John L. & Dorothy M.
Rust Park Fund, John & Dorothy
Rynd Memorial Scholarship Fund, David T.
Salberg Charitable Foundation, Father James G.
Salberg Community Fund, Father James G.
Sankey Charitable Fund, Alice Bibza
Sarah's Butterflies Foundation
Sayers Memorial Scholarship Fund, Bob
Seamans Memorial Scholarship, Kenneth A.
Second Presbyterian Memorial Foundation
Session Scholarship Fund, Bobby & Myrtle
Shank Foundation, Philip
Sharon Alumni College Scholarship Fund
Sharon City School District Endowment Fund
Sharon City School District Helping Hands Foundation
Sharon Fire Truck & Equipment Fund
Sharon High School Alumni Hall of Fame Fund
Sharon High School Football Players Fund
Sharon Kiwanis - Peter J. Collodi Scholarship Fund
Sharon Lifelong Learning Council Charitable Fund
Sharon Speedway Foundation
Sharonsteel Foundation
Sharpsville Area School District Charitable Fund
Sharpsville Helping Hands Foundation
Sharpsville Rebekah Lodge 110 Foundation
Shearer Family Foundation, John E.
Shenango Community Education Foundation
Shenango Township Police Department K9 Fund
Shenango Valley Animal Control Board Fund
Shenango Valley Community Library Endowment Fund
Shenango Valley Gardeners Fund
Shenango Valley Performing Arts Council Scholarship Fund
Shimshock Memorial Fund, Lee Michael
Shoe Our Children Fund
Shohayda Family Charitable Fund
Shumaker Charitable Trust, Thomas A. & Sydney R.
Sigler Memorial Fund, Mary Alice
Sisterhood of Erin Fund
Skinner Memorial Fund, Fr.Charles
Small Town Neighbors Charitable Fund
Smith Family Foundation, Ed and Leann
Sotus Foundation
Sparano Memorial Foundation, Leslie A. Colucci-
Steele Memorial Foundation, Jeremy G.
Steese Family Scholarship Fund
Stegkamper Family Organ Donor Awareness Scholarship Fund
Stein Family Foundation, Leon and Shirley
Stevenson - Alice Otto Math Scholarship
Stevenson - Daniel V. Hoye Scholarship Fund
Stevenson - David A. and Richard E. Reynolds Scholarship Fund
Stevenson - Harry E. Senheiser Scholarship
Stevenson - John Thompson Memorial Scholarship
Stevenson - Lions Club Scholarship
Stevenson Scholarship, Robert D.
Stevenson - Susan Stolpe Member Scholarship Fund
Stoneboro Lions Scholarship Fund
St. Paul Homes Endowment Fund
Strimbu Memorial Fund - SVF
Student Support Fund of Class of 1966
Studer Memorial Foundation, Kyrsten Elizabeth
Stull/Carr, Donald & Sylvia Stull and Joseph & Barbara Carr Scholarship Fund
Sunbelt Scholarship Fund
Super Brew Fund
SVF Funds Holding Account
Swartz Devastator Fund, Gill
Synergy Community Foundation
Tails of Hope Fund
T.C. Gill Blue Devils Scholarship Fund
Team Courage Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
Team Danielle Fund
Temple Israel Memorial Park Fund
Templeton Memorial Fund, Perry R.
Thiel College Baughman Fund
Thompson Memorial Scholarship Fund, Tommy & Gertrude
Tillery-Sagenich Scholarship Fund, Kylee Anna
Timblin Foundation, Thomas & Helen
Tokar Memorial Scholarship Fund, Becky DeCapua
Trevent Fund
Treystock Fund
Trumbull County Foundation - Grants Fund
Trumbull Mobile Meals Endowment Fund
Turner Community Development Fund
Uber & Robert McConnell Memorial Scholarship Fund, Mildred
Ulysses Ward Scholarship Fund
Union Area Education Foundation
United Christian Giving Endowment Fund
United Way of Mercer County Endowment Fund #1
United Way of Mercer Endowment Fund #2 Greenville
United Way of Trumbull County Endowment Fund
UPMC Horizon Community Health Foundation
Urey Memorial Fund, Meghan
Verholek Family Charitable Foundation, Charles & Margaret
Verholek Family Scholarship Fund, Charles and Margaret
Veverka Memorial Scholarship Fund, David
Vournous Scholarship Fund, John
Wagner Charitable Fund, Gretchen
Walberg Family Foundation
Walker Charitable Fund
Walker Foundation, Gussie M.
Wallace Family Foundation, A. O.& Ellen A.
Wallace III Scholarship Fund, Sgt. David W. "Walleye"
Walsh Charitable Fund
Ward Family Foundation
Washington Scholarship Fund, John "Scooter"
Wasser Memorial Football Scholarship, Jesse "Wassdaddy"
Wassil Foundation, Carol H.
Waterfire Sharon Fund
W.D. Packard Foundation
W.D. Packard Music Hall Elevator Fund
W.D. Packard Music Hall Sign Project Fund
Weller Family Charitable Fund
Weller, Sr. Family Foundation, James T. & Geraldine A.
Wentling Scholarship Fund, Rodney K.
Western Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Fund
West Middlesex Area School District Education Foundation
West Middlesex Kiwanis - Peter J. Collodi Scholarship Fund
West Middlesex Parent Resource Fund
West Middlesex Volunteer Fire Department (WMVFD) Foundation
Wilcox Starfish Foundation, Joan B.
Williams Family Charitable Fund, Jeffrey L. & Debra L
Willson Trust Scholarship Fund
Wilmington Area Education Foundation
Wilmington Area High School Alumni Association Scholarship
Wilson Charitable Fund, David C. & Marilyn J.
Winner Foundation
Winner Jr. Arts and Culture Center Fund, James E.
Winner Scholarship Fund
Win-Win Foundation
Wise Scholarship Fund, Merry D.
Wolves Club of Farrell
Wood Foundation, Benjamin J. & Lavaun A.
Woods Scholarship Fund, Jerry
Wright Charitable Fund, Robert D. and Wanda L.
Yarabinec Scholarship Fund, Kevin S.
Yokes & Collins Memorial Fund
Youngstown Area Grocers Association Community Endowment Fund
Zekelman Fund
Zion Reformed United Church of Christ Endowment Fund
Zion Reformed United Church of Christ Youth Fund
Zorzi Charitable Fund, Robert & Mary